About Us


We are Barker & Mueller Candle Company. This wasn't a calculated business setup or a smart investment opportunity. This started out as a friendship. Just two girls in math class who quickly bonded and became best friends. Through the years we've navigated all of life's twist and turns. Relationships, careers, marriage, starting families, and yet the bond never wavered. 

Our company is personal. The goal is to bring a little light to life and share joy. To most people a business is about making money, but to us its about each other. It's not often when you find someone who understands and sees life the same way you do; so when you do, you hold them close and keep them in your life for as long as you can. Sharing an interest in creating and, well candles, brings us closer because its a new adventure for us. We're ready to see where this will lead us and how it strengthens our already unbreakable bond. Thank you for being apart of our new journey.